Sonoma Wedding

I performed for a lovely wedding on Saturday at Villa Sasso, a little-publicized venue in Sonoma County. The day was sunny, the bride beautiful, and the groom emotional. It was really touching. I think this couple has a wonderful future. Kristi Amaroso of Kristi Amaroso Special Events, LLC. was the wedding coordinator. I have worked with her before. She is really on top of things and makes it all happen while being kind, gracious, and cheerful (a real accomplishment in her profession). Thank you, Kristi.

In attendance were grandparents of Vittorio and Vincenzo of the rock band V2 (V squared).  I have performed with V2 for two years and always have a lot of fun with these guys (they are 11 years old now, I believe). The grandparents have been at at all the V2 shows, but we had not met until this day. Good to know you both. I hope to see you again this coming year!