Bagpiper for Funerals & Memorial Services in San Francisco, California

The sound of the highland bagpipe can be a wonderful way to honor your loved one. Listeners often remark that funeral bagpiper music played at a memorial brings thoughts of their ancestors, their heritage, and a strong feeling of connection with the past.

Fred Payne Champion Bagpiper is available to perform for your friend or loved one’s funeral, memorial service, graveside service, wake, or celebration of life. Fred is a full time professional bagpiper for hire and appears throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Central and Northern California. An exceptional bagpiper for funerals, memorials and weddings, Fred has won three Western United States Championships for solo piping, as well as many awards as a soloist. He has also performed with several award-winning competition pipe bands.

Fred will provide unlimited phone consultation in preparation for your memorial or funeral.

Bagpipe music can set a variety of moods: mournful, reverent, respectful, resolute, dignified, and even hopeful or optimistic. Fred Payne can help you make the perfect choice.

Some beautiful funeral and memorial bagpipe music you might consider:

  • Amazing Grace
  • The Flowers of the Forest
  • Mist Covered Mountains
  • Skye Boat Song
  • Lochanside
  • Highland Cathedral
  • The Rowan Tree
  • The Green Hills of Tyrol
  • Scotland the Brave
  • The Dawning of the Day

“The event was a memorial gathering of family and friends of a late “chief” of the family. Fred Payne, the Champion Piper, was OUTSTANDING in all aspects. His poise, choice of dress and music selection was excellent. He performed for more than two hours. Comments I heard about his performance included “excellent”, “best I’ve heard”, “brought memories”, and “has the children dancing.”
—Stanley S, Arnold, CA