Jeff Hope

Jeff grew up in Pacifica. His brother Bruce along with lots of his friends have fine memories of their early days. He was an electrician after serving in the National Guard. His wife, Susan, daughters, and many family members honored him in the most fitting way. The common thread was that he was an easy guy to know and knew how to treat people. Even his prom date spoke, relating how their ride home did not show up and he walked her several miles home, a perfect gentleman, then walked to his own home, all in his formal wear. They rode lots of motorcycles in those days, Bultacos and Husqvarnas, the motocross cycles of the 60’s. Some of his old buddies are Harley men now and they lined them up proudly out front.

It was a good day at the historic Pedro Point Firehouse. I will always remember it. Thank you Susan, Melissa, Bruce, Minister Miles, and the honor guard for your kindness and consideration.