Bagpiping Lessons & Instruction by Fred Payne, Bagpiper

How I Teach You To Play Bagpipes

Are you interested in bagpipe lessons? Do you want to learn a few tunes and play them well for your own satisfaction or would you like to become an accomplished musician on pipes, performing at weddings, memorial services, parties, and events, maybe compete as a soloist or play in a pipe band?

You choose the level to which you rise.

You can start right away with an investment of less than 100 dollars for a practice instrument and book!

No matter what your age or previous musical experience, I will help you to play so that you will inspire yourself with your musicianship and to have the respect of other pipers. No matter what your goal, I am dedicated to your success.

You will learn the basics first and apply them in simple well known traditional bagpipe tunes. Then we will explore more complex music and its nuance, including several styles of marches, slow airs, reels, jigs, hornpipes, strathspeys, and even the greatest of all bagpipe music, Piobaireachd.

My rates are very reasonable and you can start right away.

Talk to some of my current students before you begin. Never accept an instructor without the strongest references.

Long distance lessons via Skype are also available (High speed internet connection required).

Reference: “If you have the desire to learn to play the pipes, go to Fred ! I have learnt more in my short time with Fred than months with other instructors. His attention to detail, techniques, awareness and comfortable teaching style has made me a more confident student.”