Oakland Bagpiper Player

If you are looking for a professional bagpiper for hire, Fred Payne Champion Bagpiper is available to play at your happy occasion, such as your wedding, anniversary or birthday party. He offers a wide variety of music to choose from. His music can also be a memorable highlight for a somber occasion, such as laying a loved one to rest with a funeral or graveside service.

Fred has performed for hundreds of weddings, funerals, memorials, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, and corporate events in Oakland and throughout Northern California. Recently, he has performed with the San Francisco Opera, The Chieftains, The California Symphony, The Napa Valley Symphony, and the Diablo Symphony orchestras. Fred is a full time professional bagpiper and appears throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, Central and Northern California.

We invite you to look at our bagpiper references from Fred’s Clients. Fred would love to talk with you about your very special event!

If you are interested in bagpipe lessons, Fred Payne will help you play so that you inspire yourself with your musicianship. No matter your goal, he is dedicated to your success.

Here is what one of Fred’s Clients had to say:

“Fred was amazingly flexible and kind. We all know saying good bye to a loved one is difficult, when you combine it with a military memorial to music is generally the one to be pushed aside. He was gracious and accommodating throughout. He even split the time up between the beginning and end, so that our heritage was represented very well. 2 parts of the memorial were extremely emotional for me, the bugle and Fred’s bagpipes. I would highly recommend that if you need or want bagpipes you reserve time for Fred, you will not be disappointed on any level. Thank you Fred, for your kindness, compassion and extreme flexibility. Our grandfather would be proud.” — Kelley M

If you are seeking a professional bagpiper for hire in Oakland and anywhere else in Northern California, we invite you to call Fred Payne Champion Bagpiper at: 510-926-9579.